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Center for Spirituality and Psychotherapy of Astoria


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About Us

"Psychology is a secular science, while
care of ths soul is a sacred art...Psychology
and spirituality need to be seen as one."
     -Thomas Moore, Care of the Soul

Who are we?  What do we strive for?

Penny Gadzini, M.Div.

I am a fellow with  AAPC and a
graduate of Blanton-Peale Graduate
Insititue where I am presently a therapist
and teach in the Pastoral Crare Skills
program there.  I also pastor Good Shepherd
Methodist Church in Astoria. .
Rick Stanuikynas, M.Div.
I am a member of AAPC in process toward
fellow status.  I graduated from Blanton Peale
Graduate Institute as well as taught Pastoral
Skills there.  As a chaplain, I have worked in
hosptials, hospices and the HIV community.

We are Governed by an Advisorary Board
which consists of pastors, professionals and
lay individuals from the Astoria area who
have a genuine interest in the needs of the
community.  As a consulting body, they offer
feedback, support and suggestions on how to
respond to those needs as a counseling center.
Their involvement in the Astoria community are
our eyes and ears. Our partnership helps to
formulate and enact our vision so our services
are effective and responsive to the people who
live and work in Astoria.

We wish this website to be a "living document".
To that end, we will post various links on various
subjects that reflect our vision, address psychological
themes or topics that are relevant in today's world.
If any visitor to this site wishes to suggest a site, feel
free to contact us. 

Clicking this will access the question, "What is pastoral Psythotherapy?" It addresses the issue of the client and therapist relationship in therapy. Of interest is an essay, "Spirituality and Depression: Dark Night of the Soul".

Clicking here will bring you to a site rich with subjects on the mind/spirit/body connection and offers a wide range of themes on the subject.