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Center for Spirituality and Psychotherapy of Astoria

an agency of the Foundation for Religion and Mental Health, Inc.

Professional care for Mind, Heart and Soul - Helping to make sense of your world


CPSA is a pastoral psychotherapy center serving the people of Astoria and Queeens.  Our interdisciplinary and multicultural staff speak several languages and is uniquely qualified to address both the emotional and spiritual dimensions of suffering and human growth...

We are able to assist you in short/long term therapy, crisis and growth oriented modalities for couples, families, individuals and groups in addition to spiritual direction...


Among those who seek counseling are.....

  • Individuals suffering from feelings of depression, anxiety, hostility, grief or other emotional pain.
  • Persons of all races, religions and orientations seeking more effective and creative methods of living in our pluralistic culture.
  • Couples seeking more efficient methods of coping with complexities of relationships, marriage and family life.
  • Persons wanting to fulfill the potential in their lives.
  • Parents seeking to understand and cope with the needs of their developing children.
  • Young people seeking support in dealing with parents, sexuality, peers, school, alcohol, drugs or self esteem.
  • Persons in their journey in recovery from addictions.
  • Persons struggling with issues related to abuse - spousal, parental, child, emotional, physical or sexual.
  • Individuals who seek insights and support in dealing with career discernment.

We are members of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors (AAPC) A credentialing body that assures our professional and ethical standing; click here for information about AAPC.

For more insight into the connection of Religion and Mental Health, click here

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